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About the site, Founder: Wu Fo Xuan Henry Mahakala

That domain is for selling, if you  need it, pls contact me at price: USD99.00
After 26-8-2016, that domain would auto-expire too.

My new business:
My LinkedIn / Facebook / WeChat / eMail / G+ account:
I totally published 5 books in Hong Kong and 4 of them converted to be in eBook version from Google:

My Apps book too published in iTune:

Else of books, Hong Kong newspaper presses did also interview me about the development of Internet. And i am also the parttime teacher in Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong University Space too:

Being the speaker of various seminars is also part of my parttime works encouraging the different generations to know more about Internet and Smartphone world as well as the Smart life:

Being the guess speaker in Hong Kong Polytechnic university teaching the Internet Marketing, AIA agent conference:

My ex-factory found in China Shekkou, sold in 2008: